Hi, I’m Allie – I help ultra-busy women who are obsessed with personal optimization to create balanced + sustainable health 

I combine functional medicine, mindset + coaching practices with holistic lifestyle techniques and advanced in-depth lab testing to get to the root cause of symptoms and/or to optimize one’s health.

I teach + coach busy women who already have a foundation or interest in personal optimization. These women recognize that health is one of the greatest gifts + should be cherished. They are interested + curious about their bodies + are driven to continue to uplevel their health, knowledge + habits but may feel stuck.

My goal is to help you uplevel your health, create sustainable lifelong habits and get rid of the noise + confusion.   


Are you ready for  


Balanced Energy All Day Long


Reduced Stress


Supported Detox Pathways


Clearer Skin


Optimal Brain Health


Balanced Hormones


Quality Sleep


Stabilized Blood Sugar


Healthy Digestion


Strong Body + Mind


Metabolic Health + Flexibility


Healthy Weight

Redesign + Rebalance your health + habits. 

Transformation is possible! 


I use scientifically proven methods to look at the root cause of symptoms, and to help you redesign and rebalance your health that fits your lifestyle.  No more guessing – we will create a plan so you can feel great, live better, and work smarter. 


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Reclaim your health


Conventional medicine, while important for acute and some chronic problems, frequently misses the root cause of symptoms and chronic diseases. My goal is to help my clients create resiliency, improve “health-span” & longevity, teach self-care + lifestyle techniques to achieve and sustain a whole health state.

Hi, I’m Allie!

I am a Functional Medicine nurse practitioner with a second master’s in clinical nutrition and a love for helping people feel healthy in body, mind + spirit. For over 25 years I’ve approached health and healing with a curiosity and connection to the natural world. Embracing food as medicine, mind body modalities and a heart centered approach and belief that given the opportunity the body can heal and we can evolve to live a happy, healthy, beautiful life.  

 My work together with clients is about learning how to create sustainable health + wellness, empowerment + self-love,  vibrant + nourishing lives that combine the very best of modern medicine, nutritional science, nature + wisdom.

I believe we are all individuals with a unique story that require a personalized approach to health. 

I am also a mother to 3, sister, daughter and wife. I love to cook,  spend time with family and friends, be in nature, attend live music and festivals, visit farmers markets, travel, and am a forever learner. I care deeply about our planet and the people who live on it. I am passionate about helping people feel good and spreading the knowledge I have learned to help support people on their own journey’s. 

♡ Allie 

dEEP dIVe case review: Health History Insight

In-depth examination of your health history, lifestyle, and diet are preformed through a Case Review.

Through the lens of functional medicine, we will work together to define obstacles, patterns & elements in your life that are creating barriers to success. 

Advanced Functional Medicine Testing

Test don’t guess. Specialized functional medicine testing will help us pin-point imbalances such as hormones, amino acids, omegas, neurotransmitters, oxidative stress, gut bacteria and candida overgrowth, macro and micro nutrient deficiencies, assessment for heavy metals and food intolerance’s. 

These precise clinical tests are an integral part of your program, as they can help uncover root causes of your symptoms, and can have a powerful impact on your health. Based on your symptoms and history I will make recommendations specific to you. 

Bio-hacks for optimal health

Through my training in functional medicine and Clinical Nutrition, I’ve learned that there are myriad of principles affecting our health.  We will take a deep dive into your life & your environment. Creating bio-hacks to boost your health and resiliency. 


Functional medicine is a health-focused, patient-centric partnership, in which practitioner and client work together to reveal the root causes of dysfunction. As a health consultant, I not only dig deep to look at your overall health & lifestyle, but get YOU empowered & educated so you can live the rest of your life in optimal health & peak performance!

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