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Allie Burch

Functional Medicine | Nutrition | Mindset | Lifestyle 

I combine Functional Medicine, Mindset, Lifestyle coaching practices with holistic techniques and advanced lab testing to get to root causes of symptoms and/or to optimize one's health.

I practice personalized precision medicine looking at your unique body through a detailed intake of your past + current history, as well as, looking at epigenetic's and advanced functional medicine testing including (but not limited too): genetics, gut, sex hormones, stress hormones, metabolic health markers, nutrient markers, and more. 
I have found that this approach can not only can help resolve or improve a chronic illness, but also be preventative of future illnesses and dysfunction. We should be asking ourselves - how can I achieve optimal, thriving health?!

I love to teach + support people in creating long-term health + wellness practices that they can use for a lifetime.

I believe a healthy mindset is the key to our path to wellness. Our thoughts lead to emotions that lead to behaviors + actions. When we can change (and heal) our thoughts we have the power to change our behaviors. We deserve to thrive in body, mind + spirit which is a journey that is a lifelong commitment and a beautiful path to be on!

I'm Allie, Functional Medicine Nurse Practitioner, Nutrition + Mindset Coach

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I help my clients integrate healthy lifestyle practices that support anti-aging, longevity, optimal performance and long-term wellness as well as understand the root causes + shift our perception (mindset) on our body, mind + spirit practices. 

"I started working with Allie to heal my body post Covid. I found her to be extremely knowledgeable, patient focused, professional and kind. I consider the work that we did together to be the reason that I am recovering from the effects of long Covid and able to work full time again. Allie has the ability to look at the whole person and the science vs doctors who only look at their specialty and not how different systems work together. Allie is the perfect combination of experience as a medical professional and functional/holistic training. Allie also ordered lab tests that provided critical information on my body and how to heal it. She is able to provide concise notes and next steps after each meeting. My current lab tests prove that her methods work. Allie is definitely part of my wellness journey and I know we will continue to work together to get me stronger and healthier. I highly recommend working with Allie".

55 year old female nonprofit management professional

Allie is the perfect combination of experience as a medical professional and functional/holistic training.

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Live better, stronger + longer. Within each of us is a tremendous capacity to heal and be well

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The Mind Body Biohacker Podcast

In this amazing episode Allie Burch, Functional Medicine Practitioner, Nurse Practitioner, and Mind-Body Healing Expert presents powerful methods to start being healthy now.

Well versed in the science of both conventional medicine and the deeper functional medicine techniques Allie gives simple, actionable tools you can apply today to improve your health mentally and physically. 

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Are you ready to make health a priority + commit to your wellness journey?

Are you ready to learn the foundations of habit change to help set you up for success?

Are you ready to create + learn to tap into a healthy mindset?

We so often put our health goals on the back burner. Whether it's changing our habits, working towards healing a chronic illness or just overall improving our health frequently it's just all too common we feel that we don't have the time.

Most people have motivation + good intentions but still find they are not successful implementing change.

Thats why I believe everyone benefits from coaching. I even get coaching!

Whether you work with me or not, I invite you to carve out the time to make your health a priority. I am here to support you on your journey and remind you that your health is the greatest gift! 

The best time to start living more fully is now.