The Super Kitchen project
30 day challenge

Detox, Redesign + Revolutionize your kitchen + health

The Super Kitchen Project is not a "diet". The SKP is more than a 4 week program. It's a lifestyle coaching program that will change your habits + the way you think about food + your relationship to food for life
The Super Kitchen Project is a lifestyle wellness platform and community collective combining nutritional, longevity, anti-aging science, as well as, neuroscience, epigenetics, energetics and ancient wisdom. The Super Kitchen Project's mission is simple. to support you in nourishing your body, mind and spirit through food so you can live with vitality and vibrance creating sustainable health and wellness.

Next Challenge Starts February 5 2023

Making big changes in the house can feel scary but you will be surprised at how your family will adjust and plus there is no one right way - you can bring in these principles slowly + make small but impactful changes. 

My family doesnt want to eat healthy?

Well, I would disagree! If you are here you have the motivation. The thing is when we rely solely on motivation we set ourselves up for failure. You will learn hacks to change your habits for long-term success by shifting your mindset + creating a system in your kitchen developing life long skills 

I just don't have enough motivation?

First of all, many of us have never been taught how to eat healthy, how to cook healthy foods ... and many of us have a belief that healthy food doesn't taste good. Eating a healthy diet can not only be easy and taste amazing but we know that our body needs healthy whole foods to avoid disease & THRIVE. The SKP Challenge gives you the skills + the system to create sustainable longterm health based on Functional Medicine foundations + nutrition ... and much more. 


CReate a sustainable lifestyle that supports health + wellness.... & that YOU love!

You will learn the foods that support health + longevity. Which foods + superfoods you should have stocked that will help you restore + support gut health, hormones immunity + metabolism, decrease inflammation and are anti-aging.  We’ll take a deeper look at how food affects the brain, your mood and how to use food + nutrients to set you up for long term success. Food is Medicine + Mindful Eating principles are weaved in throughout the course. 


Now that you’ll understand the connection between nutrition and health, we’ll start your home kitchen edit so you can set yourself up for long term success! You will learn how to create a system in the kitchen and design a kitchen that fuels your health, making your habits effortless. 


The true goal of detoxing is to clear away the clutter + junk of your environment, mind, body + spirit so you can create space for deep transformation. You’ll not only learn all about toxins, their consequences, where they are hiding, but how to properly detox your body on a daily basis as well as we will go through a group led detox. We also will be detoxing + REDESIGNING your kitchen for success. You’ll have the opportunity to join a guided 21 day gentle detox program starting in week 2.

module two


Setting your intentions for embarking on a transformational journey is the critical first step. We will navigate this process to keep you on track for good. You will learn how to embrace the Identity that you want to create in your life. 


This is mind body food soul connection

Wouldn't you love to know that (just about) everything that touches your food is free of toxic chemicals? Toxins are lurking everywhere and are contributing to poor health. This is not to scare you but educate you! There is also no such thing as perfect - we do our best! You will learn exactly which products are the safest, how to make your own solutions and all of my favorite pre-approved brands! 


You will move beyond to continue with new eating habits + lifestyle choices. This is all about setting up your day-to-day lifestyle that will lead to longevity and optimal wellbeing.


We dig up the deep root which was planted from generations of distorted connection with food and redesign your wellness from your mind, your behavior, your space and your unique nutritional needs. Lifestyle change is necessary, and to do that, you need to redesign and rewire your brain and habits. You will break the conventional thought process that has you stuck in a vicious cycle and you will learn the secret to long term success. We will cover how mindfulness relates to eating and why willpower doesn’t work alone.  


Kitchen preparation saves so much time, frustration and stress. Without it, (pardon the pun) a recipe for disaster. If done properly, it has the power to turn cooking for even the faintest heart, the busiest mom, and the last minute Molly. This course does not promote crazy food prep! 


You will be guided to create your personalized vision of what wellness means to you. This live exercise will lead you to truly understand who you see as the best version of yourself. So you can design a life + environment that you want. 


James Clear 

"Your current habits are perfectly designed to deliver your current results" 

You have been told your labs are normal but you still dont feel well

You have been diagnosed with a chronic illness + have been told medication is the only way or that we are just “waiting + watching” abnormal labs

You struggle with maintaining a healthy diet + are confused of what to eat ... or are just confused on what to eat! 

You love healthy food but still are confused + want to build on your skills + knowledge

Your ready to take action creating a kitchen environment to set you up for success

You are ready to break through your limiting beliefs + blocks around food

You are ready to step into the version of yourself + the goals you dream of you that you inspire to be.

Wondering if this is right for you? Just ask yourself if you can relate to the following:

This program is not for you if you:
  • Are not open to change, new ideas + new ways of eating
  • You are not willing to commit and do the work
  • You suffer from a severe eating disorder. While this program can help you if you have an eating disorder it is not designed to serve those in an acute state of disorder (those who are actively binging, purging, severely restricting). 

Please schedule a call with me if you need to discuss further if you are appropriate for this program.

  • 4 weeks of Modules that will be dripped out weekly (you watch on your own)
  • Two bonus weeks of module (pre-challenge and post)
  • Supportive documents, workbooks  + printable PDFs
  • Weekly group coaching calls via zoom
  • Private Community Group for chats, questions + support
  • Accountability Partners
  • Clear actions in kitchen clean out + redesign/restock 
  • How to navigate the grocery store, read labels + cook quick healthy recipes
  • Learn the foundations of nutrition
  • What are superfoods + adaptogens and how to incorporate them into your routine

  • Week 0: Start prepping + digging in the week prior to us meeting live. Create your Wellness Vision. We will review what you need to know from a holistic Functional Medicine perspective + why it is important. You will also receive my list of what to start removing + swapping in your kitchen to start getting into action or just start planning ahead! 
  • Week 1: DETOX - Kitchen clean out + start prepping for the 21 day detox diet starting week 2 (don't worry this is a gentle detox and is a great reset for the body!)
  • Week 2: REDESIGN - Restock your pantry + fridge with healing, anti-inflammatory, nourishing foods. Create a system so you can be successful in creating a healthy long-term sustainable diet. We will also dig into redesigning & rewiring your habits + mindset.
  • Week 3: REVOLUTIONIZE: Superfoods for a Super Kitchen. Learn how to eat for your hormones, gut, mood, immune system and metabolism. Learn about adaptogens + herbs and how to incorporate into your routine.
  • Week 4: RITUAL: Putting all of this into practice. Embracing + embodying your new lifestyle. 
  • Week 5: Celebration Week. 

A 4 Week Group program bridging the gap from healthy ideals to a sustainable system. Designed to help you create a kitchen + Lifestyle that helps support you in building Wellness + Longevity

The Super Kitchen Project


  • How to support detox pathways daily
  • 21 day group detox/elimination diet (don't be scared this an amazing way to reset, lean into to nutrient dense eating)
  • What are brain, hormone, mood. immune + metabolically supporting foods + how to incorporate them
  • Discount supplements 15%

  • Recipe Guides




This course was born out of working with clients + listening to their struggles in creating a sustainable diet. The foundations in this course have been taught to dozens of clients with success + helping them redesign their kitchen, nutrition + mindset. 

Hope to see you inside the course and can't wait to see how you create your Super Kitchen! 

Nurse Practitioner, Nutrition, Health & lifestyle coach here to help you take things to the next level.

Hey there! I'M ALLIE. 

Thich Nhat Hanh

In this food, I see clearly the presence of the entire universe supporting my existence.

The Super Kitchen Project is a path forward. Is the Super Kitchen Project for you?

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are motivated to set your health and your family’s health up for long-term success and are ready to take action, this is the course for you.

How much access do I have to you during the course?

Will there be extra fees involved? 

Yes there can be, but it's up to you how much you spend! 
Starting in week 1, you will be encouraged to give your kitchen (fridge + pantry) a nice clean out and restock with healthier options. This could include anything from foods, cooking oils, spices, storage or cookware.

Do I get labs drawn during this course?

No labs are included in the program. However, if you want more personalized care, you can upgrade to add on a Functional Medicine lab with consult. 

Are the videos live or prerecorded?

Weekly modules are prerecorded, but there are live aspects of the course including: weekly group zoom sessions, community challenges, private FB group

Should I take this course if I am currently renting a home?

Yes! No matter if you own your home or are renting, the Super Kitchen Project can immensely transform your life. The revamping and reorganization of your kitchen can be done anywhere! Remember, this is about creating the lifestyle so you can succeed in any environment, including traveling!

How long do I have access to the course?

You will have lifetime access to the course + materials. You will have continued access to the Facebook group and any updates to the course. *Lifetime access means the life that the program/course exists.

Can I work with Allie directly?

Yes! Allie offers high touch functional medicine coaching that incorporates advanced functional medicine testing such as assessing underlying nutritional status which includes assessing micronutrient, amino acid, fatty acid, organic acids, toxics, oxidative stress. She also offers cortisol + hormone testing, gut, nutrigenomics, food sensitivity testing. Please go to Allie’s website for a free connect call for more information + details: 

How do I receive help if I get stuck?

Inside our SKP members-only facebook group, you can post questions and Allie will respond.
Any technical issues about login, billing ect can be addressed by sending a message to:

Can I speak with someone about SKP before joing?

Absolutely! You’re welcome to schedule a call with Allie. Please go to main website and sign up for a free 15 minute consult. 

How many times a year is The SKP course offered?

The SKP course will be offered a few times a year. If you sign up for the first round starting Feb 2023 you will receive the Founders special pricing!